Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is Servekart?

Servekart can change the way to explore and find the best services for you. This platform helps customers to find better and more reliable services they are seeking. We are a platform that connects you to the nearest service providers. Our platform not only provides services but also professionals and service providers can advertise the services they offer and can establish their own brand marketing and thus, allowing them to enter a bigger service marketplace. It provides a way of communication between service providers and consumers.

Does Servekart have a mobile app?

Yes, we have two apps. One for customers - Servekart & one for businesses/professionals - Servekart Professionals. You can download both the apps from Google Playstore.

What is a customer service request?

Customers can search for any service on Servekart app. If there are no search results found for the search query, customers can raise a service request which is a customized search for the service requirements. On raising the service request, all the service providers are notified about the service request on the Servekart Professionals app. They can then respond about the availability of the service. The customers are then notified back about the service availabilities. Please note that in order to avoid spam, all the service requests go through a verification check before reaching to the businesses.

How can I delete or deactivate my account?

In order to delete or deactivate your Servekart or Servekart Professionals account, please raise a ticket from 'Help & Support' section & our team will help you out.

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What benefits do I get if I list my business?"

By listing your business with Servekart Professionals, you bring your business to an online platform, where you manage your online information, increasing your business visibility, earning more audience, and expanding your brand recognition. Henceforth, listing your business with Servekart is the easiest way of earning your right customers through an online presence.

How to list your services?

Go to My Services tab & press on the Add Button. You can add services anytime to your profile. But a service will only be visible to the customers, once it is verified. As soon as you add a service, our representative will reach out to you & will do a quality check.

How to verify/activate your profile?

Your account will be verified through your PAN Card. You can go to the My Verification section from the navigation menu & submit your PAN details. Once your account is verified, you can list your services.

Why verification is required?

We believe in delivering best services. In order to maintain the quality of services & keep the platform secure from fraudsters & other illegitimate people & activities, we do a strict verification check.

How can I view or change my submitted verification details?

In order to change or view your verification details, please write us at, we'll respond you within 4 hours. You can also raise a ticket for the same.

Can I update or edit my details & my services/business details?

You can only make changes to Availability, Opening Time, Closing Time, Price & Price Unit of your service as many times as you want without any verification.\nAll the other details are locked. If you want to change any other details, you have make them editable by clicking on 'Edit Locked Details' button on the service screen. On saving the details, the changes you requested will go under verification and upon successful verification only, the changes will be made to your service.

How can I delete/disable my service?

Unfortunately, you can't do it directly from the application. To disable or delete a service, you will need to raise a ticket from 'Help & Support' section & our team will help you out.